Exciting Unveil: Ather Unleashes Trio of Electric Scooters, Watch LIVE!


Ather Energy is gearing up for an exciting moment as it prepares to unveil not just one, but three new electric scooters. The highly anticipated event is scheduled to kick off at 12 PM and will be available for live streaming on YouTube. As we approach the event, Ather has already dropped a few hints, confirming the launch of these three intriguing scooters. While the Ather 450S is one of the confirmed models, the identities of the other two remain shrouded in mystery.

**Ather’s Triple Scooter Spectacle: How to Watch and What to Anticipate**

As the momentous event unfolds, all eyes are likely to be on the spotlight-stealing Ather 450S. This exciting addition to the lineup is poised to enter the arena of the electric scooter market, aiming to compete with contenders like the Ola S1 Air and TVS iQUBE, while being more budget-friendly. Alongside the Ather 450S, the event might also introduce an updated version of the flagship Ather 450X electric scooter.

For those eager to witness the unveiling live, the stream will be readily accessible through the embedded link below:

**A Sneak Peek into the Ather 450S: What Lies Ahead**

The Ather 450S is expected to emerge as a more cost-effective alternative in the electric scooter segment, strategically positioned to bolster Ather Energy’s market presence. It’s positioned to go head-to-head against the upcoming Ola S1 Air, adding an extra layer of excitement to the market competition.


The design of the Ather 450S could bear resemblance to its counterpart, the Ather 450X, sharing similar design elements such as LED headlamps, sleek indicators, and a distinctive LED taillight. However, there’s a potential tweak in the instrument cluster. Enthusiasts can anticipate a non-touch LCD display for the Ather 450S, distinguishing it from the 450X’s fully touchscreen interface. Under the hood, a slightly smaller 2.9 kWh battery pack is expected, offering a range of 115 km and a maximum speed of 90 km/h. Ather has confirmed that the starting price will be Rs 1,29,999.

**Unveiling the Enigmatic Ather 450-Series Scooters: What’s on the Horizon?**

While details about the other two models remain shrouded, Ather might unveil revised variants derived from the esteemed Ather 450X. Following recent changes to the FAME-2 subsidy scheme, the 450X witnessed price adjustments, falling within the range of Rs 1.47 lakh to Rs 1.67 lakh. In contrast, the Ather 450S is set to be more budget-friendly, kicking off at a lower price point. An intriguing possibility lies in an intermediate variant, potentially bridging the price gap between these offerings.

For the Ather 450S, a shift from the 7-inch TFT touchscreen display, seen in the 450X, to a more economical LCD unit is anticipated. While the top speed of 90 km/h might be retained, there could be a slight underpowering of the motor compared to its flagship counterpart. The suspense is building as enthusiasts eagerly await Ather’s grand unveiling event.

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