Chandrayaan-3 Successfully Departs Earth’s Orbit, Sets Course for Moon: ISRO Announces.


India’s Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft has achieved a significant milestone as it completes its orbits around the Earth and embarks on its journey towards the Moon. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) announced the successful injection of the spacecraft into the translunar orbit on Tuesday.

The trans-lunar orbit injection marks the spacecraft’s escape from Earth’s orbit and sets it on a path that will lead it to the vicinity of the Moon. ISRO confirmed that the spacecraft’s Lunar-Orbit Insertion (LOI) is scheduled for August 5, 2023.


The primary objective of the Chandrayaan-3 mission is to achieve a soft landing of the lander on the lunar surface. This challenging maneuver is planned for August 23. Upon reaching the lunar orbit, the lander will separate from the propulsion module and attempt a gentle touchdown near the Moon’s South Pole.


The spacecraft consists of a propulsion module weighing 2,148 kg, a lander weighing 1,723.89 kg, and a rover weighing 26 kg. The rover, equipped with six wheels, will conduct experiments on the lunar surface for a duration of one lunar day, equivalent to 14 Earth days.

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The soft landing is a complex process that involves a series of maneuvers, including rough and fine braking, to ensure a safe touchdown. Prior to landing, ISRO will conduct imaging of the landing site region to identify hazard-free zones.

Chandrayaan-3’s launch took place on July 14, commencing its mission to explore and study the Moon. As the spacecraft continues its journey towards the Moon, scientists and space enthusiasts eagerly await the successful completion of this crucial mission, which holds great promise for advancing lunar exploration and scientific discoveries.

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