Royal Enfield Bike Ownership Made Effortless!


When you think of motorcycles in India, the iconic Royal Enfield immediately comes to mind. It’s the dream of every Indian biker to own one. Well, here’s some thrilling news for all the biking enthusiasts out there: Royal Enfield is stepping into the pre-owned bike business under the brand name ‘Reown’.

Royal Enfield has long been a symbol of power and prestige on Indian roads. With their entry into the pre-owned bike market, more riders will have the chance to experience the charm of a Royal Enfield. This move is not just about fulfilling dreams; it’s also a smart business move. With Royal Enfield’s monthly sales exceeding 60,000 units, this venture is poised to create an additional revenue stream for the company.


The Indian two-wheeler market is diverse, but it’s no surprise that entry-level bikes (76-100cc) hold the lion’s share at 51 percent market share in FY23. Commuter bikes (110-150cc) follow closely behind with 30 percent. However, the premium segment, consisting of bikes above 150cc, has been growing steadily, now claiming an 18 percent share. Royal Enfield plays a significant role in this shift, as nearly 40 percent of premium bikes sold in India in FY23 were Royal Enfield bikes.

The introduction of Royal Enfield’s ‘Reown’ brand into the pre-owned bike market will bring much-needed structure to this sector. It will provide bike enthusiasts with certified options, a welcome change from the unorganized market sales that currently dominate the industry.

‘Reown’ is set to become a trailblazer in the 350-plus premium segment. While Royal Enfield is taking this bold step, other renowned bike manufacturers like Triumph and Ducati have already ventured into the pre-owned bike market.

In 2020, the esteemed British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph launched its used vehicle programme in India, known as Triumph Approved, based on its successful ‘Approved Triumph Pre-Owned Motorcycle’ initiative in its home market.

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Ducati, the legendary Italian superbike maker, was a pioneer in India, introducing its pre-owned market presence back in 2018. Under the Ducati Approved programme, only bikes less than 5 years old with certified mileage lower than 50,000 km are eligible for sale. These bikes undergo a meticulous 35-point technical check to ensure their quality. Ducati India’s Managing Director, Sergi Canovas, expressed his excitement about making Ducati more accessible to passionate Indian bikers.

In conclusion, Royal Enfield’s entry into the pre-owned bike market is not just a move in response to market trends; it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to its customers. ‘Reown’ is set to revolutionize the premium bike segment by offering certified, quality bikes to passionate riders. As the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility,” and Royal Enfield is taking its responsibility seriously by enhancing the biking experience for all.

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