g20-summit-2023-indian-railways-train-cancellations-diversions-full-list – News18

g20-summit-2023-indian-railways-train-cancellations-diversions-full-list - News18


Last Updated: September 08, 2023, 15:11 IST

G20 Summit: 310 Trains Cancelled or Diverted. (File photo/News18)

G20 Summit: 310 Trains Cancelled or Diverted. (File photo/News18)

Railway officials are working diligently to issue full refunds for the affected tickets, but many passengers have reported receiving only partial refunds.

The Northern Railway announced an array of train cancellations and diversions that caught commuters off guard and caused significant disruption to travel plans.

These measures have been undertaken due to strict security arrangements put in place at New Delhi Railway Station ahead of the G20 Summit, scheduled from September 8 to September 10.

A total of 310 trains have either been canceled or diverted during the summit period, leaving passengers in a state of uncertainty.

Among the major trains affected by these disruptions are the Kalka-Delhi Express Special, Ambala-Delhi Express Special, New Delhi-Jalandhar City Express, Amritsar-New Delhi Express, and Jalandhar City-New Delhi Express.

The Indian Railways has defended these disruptions, asserting that the alterations are necessary to ensure the smooth arrival of foreign dignitaries attending the summit.

A railway official stated, “All Shatabdis will run as usual from Kalka and Chandigarh, with no change in their timings. A majority of the canceled trains, more than 100 out of 200, are linked to Ambala Railway Station. Some trains have been rerouted to New Delhi Railway Station. Authorities have cited security concerns as the primary reason for these cancellations and diversions.”

Passengers intending to travel to Delhi on September 9, 10, and 11 have had their tickets automatically canceled. While the railways have promised full refunds for these tickets, some passengers expressed dissatisfaction, claiming they had only received partial fare refunds.

To help passengers navigate the changes, the Northern Railway has advised travelers to check the status of their trains via the passenger helpline No. 139.

Naveen Kumar Jha, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, reassured passengers, saying, “The fare for advance booked tickets is being refunded after deducting clerical charges. Many trains destined for New Delhi Railway Station have been canceled and diverted. Connectivity to adjoining railway stations, including Old Delhi and Shakur Basti, will remain normal.”

With train services disrupted, some passengers have opted for direct taxis to reach the national capital, while others are considering bus travel. However, uncertainties surround the ability of buses to enter Delhi, with passengers uncertain about the guidelines issued by the Delhi Traffic Police.

The G20 Summit’s security measures have undoubtedly caused significant inconvenience, leaving passengers with limited travel options.


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