Government Imposes Restrictions on Import of Laptops, Tablets, and Personal Computers.


The government has taken a step to control the imports of laptops, tablets, and personal computers, and the new rules are effective immediately. According to the government’s notification, imports of these devices will only be allowed if the importers have a valid license for restricted imports.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry clarified that the restriction won’t apply to imports made under the Baggage Rules, which are the customs checks that passengers undergo when entering or leaving the Indian border.


However, the ministry also stated some exemptions. For instance, individuals can still import one laptop, tablet, all-in-one personal computer, or ultra-small form factor computer, even if purchased from e-commerce websites, as long as they pay the applicable duty.

Additionally, there’s an exemption for up to 20 such items per shipment, which can be imported for research and development, testing, benchmarking, evaluation, repair, re-export, and product development purposes. These items can’t be sold and must be used solely for the mentioned purposes. Once their intended use is fulfilled, they must be either destroyed or re-exported.

Interestingly, no license for restricted imports will be required if the items were repaired abroad and are being re-imported.

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The notification also clarified that certain items, like laptops, tablets, all-in-one personal computers, and ultra-small form factor computers and servers, which are essential for capital goods, will be exempt from the import licensing requirements.

Overall, the government’s aim is to regulate the import of laptops, tablets, and personal computers through these measures and ensure proper documentation and compliance with the rules.

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