Unstoppable Momentum: India’s GST Collections Surge 11% to Hit Rs 1.65 Lakh Crore Mark in July!


India Achieves Record-breaking Goods and Service Tax Collection of Rs. 1.65 Lakh Crore in July, Marking 11% Year-on-Year Growth

Exceeding the Rs. 1.60 Lakh Crore Threshold for the Fifth Consecutive Time!

The Finance Ministry Reports a Phenomenal 15% Surge in Revenues from Domestic Transactions (including Import of Services) compared to Last Year’s Figures for the Same Month.”GST

Astounding Breakdown of India’s July 2023 Goods and Service Tax Collections:

– Central:  Roars to Rs 29,773 Crore!
– State: Surges to Rs 37,623 Crore!
– Integrated: Soars to Rs 85,930 Crore, Including a Remarkable Rs 41,239 Crore from Imports!

Cess Collections Add to the Phenomenal Success:
– Cess Collections: Shoots Up to Rs 11,779 Crore, Including Rs 840 Crore from Imports!


Unprecedented Settlement Figures:
– Regular Settlement to CGST: Impressive Rs 39,785 Crore!
– Regular Settlement to SGST: Exceptional Rs 33,188 Crore!

Total Revenue for Centre and States Achieves an Unstoppable High:
– CGST Revenue: Reaches Rs 69,558 Crore!
– SGST Revenue: Achieves a Staggering Rs 70,811 Crore!

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