Kolkata-Sikkim Daily Flight Operations To Commence From September 15

Kolkata-Sikkim Daily Flight Operations To Commence From September 15


Last Updated: September 07, 2023, 14:39 IST

Kolkata-Sikkim Daily Flight Operations To Commence From September 15.

Kolkata-Sikkim Daily Flight Operations To Commence From September 15.

The flight operations at Pakyong Airport began smoothly on March 14, they faced disruptions starting in June due to adverse weather conditions.

In a much-awaited development for travelers, flights connecting Kolkata to Sikkim’s Pakyong Airport are set to resume operations from September 15.

This comes as a relief to commuters who will now be able to book their flights to and from the Pakyong Airport. Pakyong, the first greenfield airport in Sikkim, has returned to the aviation map.

Flight services from Delhi to Pakyong have already started on Saturday, September 2, following a long hiatus of almost six months. Although flight operations from Pakyong Airport commenced without any hindrance on March 14, things took a turn for the worse after the month of June owing to inclement weather.

Bad weather conditions played a major negative role in the disruption of flight operations from Pakyong. The flight to Pakyong was diverted to Bagdogra on June 15, post which flight operations at the Sikkim airport came to a standstill. Now that flight services have resumed once again.

Pakyong Airport director, Rajendra Grover has expressed his satisfaction over the matter. “The Delhi-Pakyong flight services are operational from Saturday. We will also operate Kolkata-Pakyong flight services from September 15,” he announced as reported by TOI.

Rajendra Grover, in his statement, further announced that starting from Saturday (September 2), flights from Delhi to Pakyong will be operating five days a week. Mondays and Fridays will be however excluded. On the other hand, Kolkata to Pakyong flights will be operational on a daily basis from September 15, providing better accessibility to passengers wishing to visit the scenic and picturesque city of Sikkim. With the relaunch of flight operations, travelers now can take pleasure in the convenience of flying to and from Pakyong.

Almost two and a half months after flight operations from Pakyong were stalled on June 15, SpiceJet, the sole airline, operating at the Pakyong airport, once again recommenced its services. Passengers have already reacted favorably to Pakyong Airport’s recent restart of airline operations.

On the inaugural day, 52 arrival passengers were witnessed from Delhi along with six departure passengers. The next day, on Sunday, September 3, there were 44 commuters and 31 departures. According to airport officials, the flight from Delhi arrived at 12:40 p.m. and took off at 13:10 p.m.

Airport officials have added that the flights from Delhi to Pakyong have observed a good response from passengers with flights being booked till the end of September. However, the demand for return trips varies.


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