Pune Metro: Trials on Bund Garden-Ramwadi Stretch to Begin This Month

Pune Metro: Trials on Bund Garden-Ramwadi Stretch to Begin This Month


Last Updated: September 07, 2023, 11:48 IST

Maha Metro Gears Up for Aqua Line's Final Lap. (Photo: IANS)

Maha Metro Gears Up for Aqua Line’s Final Lap. (Photo: IANS)

Maha Metro’s Aqua Line nearing completion as trials for Bund Garden-Ramwadi stretch set to begin, bringing Pune closer to an expanded Metro network.

The much-awaited completion of the Pune Metro‘s Aqua Line, from Bund Garden to Ramwadi, is approaching its final phase as Maha Metro prepares to kick-start preliminary trials by the end of this month.

The elevated viaduct and signaling infrastructure on this critical stretch have reached their ultimate stages of readiness, paving the way for testing procedures to commence.

The Vanaz to Ramwadi Metro route, often known as the Aqua Line, has a section between Bund Garden and Ramwadi that completes the puzzle. The public will have access to the entire 15.7 kilometre Metro route once this segment is open, completely changing Pune’s transportation system.

Maha Metro remains determined to complete the remaining work on two metro routes before the year ends, following the spectacular debut of two critical portions in August. This objective is being aggressively pursued by the committed team, who are dedicated to provide the public a seamless and effective metro service.

A senior Maha Metro official shared, “We are in full swing to complete all the work up to Ramwadi by November. We have already received feedback from commuters requesting an extension of the Metro service to Nagar Road, connecting key areas such as Yerawada and Kalyaninagar to the city’s central zones.”

Pune Metro: Routes

The Pune Metro Rail Project boasts two prominent corridors: the north-south corridor (Purple Line) and the east-west corridor (Aqua Line), spanning an impressive total length of 33 km, with 30 strategically placed stations.

The Aqua Line, which is currently operational between Ruby Hall and Ramwadi, predominantly consists of elevated tracks. This Metro line serves bustling areas like Yerawada, Kalyaninagar, and substantial portions of Nagar Road, offering commuters a convenient and swift transportation option to the city’s eastern regions.

The finalisation of the last phase of this crucial project is under severe pressure. Teams are working intensively to construct overhead traction and signalling systems at the stations while maintaining the viaduct between Bund Garden and Ramwadi.

Additionally, the Civil Court to Swargate Metro stretch of the Purple Line, which is still under construction, is anticipated to be completely operational by December. This project would increase the Metro’s entire coverage from its current 24 km to an astounding 33 km, enabling travellers to travel smoothly from Vanaz to Ramwadi and PCMC to Swargate.

In addition to the current network, Line-3 is also in the pipeline, led by the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority in partnership with Tata-Siemens. This 23 km fully elevated network will serve the Hinjawadi IT park and several emerging areas, greatly enhancing the daily commute experience for a significant portion of Pune’s workforce.


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