Surging Threads: Twitter’s Traffic Takes a Hit as the Newcomer Soars! Find out top 3 reasons.


Threads, Meta’s revolutionary microblogging platform, has sent shockwaves through the social media landscape by amassing a staggering 100 million users in just over two days, significantly impacting its rival, Twitter. Recent revelations by Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince confirm the notable decline in Twitter’s traffic since the onset of 2023.


More About Threads

Based on domain name system (DNS) rankings data provided by Cloudflare, Twitter has witnessed a steady decline in traffic since January, reaching its lowest point in July. The launch of the Threads app has undoubtedly intensified the impact on Twitter’s dwindling traffic figures.

Cloudflare’s data currently positions Twitter at a disappointing 37th rank in domain rankings, a sharp descent from its once commendable 32nd position in January 2023. This dramatic drop serves as compelling evidence that Twitter’s traffic is dwindling, with the Threads app poised to further contribute to its decline.


Following Elon Musk’s extraordinary $44 billion acquisition of Twitter in 2022, a series of unpopular changes have been implemented, prompting users to explore alternative platforms such as Mastodon, Bluesky, and the newly introduced Threads by Instagram.

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Restrictions on daily post access and the migration of essential features like SMS-based two-factor authentication behind a paywall have left Twitter users disenchanted. The new management under Elon Musk’s stewardship actively encourages users to subscribe to the Blue service for an enhanced Twitter experience, a move that has triggered significant backlash from the platform’s vast user base exceeding 450 million.

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