Tamil Nadu Reportedly Set to Ink $194 Million Deal with Foxconn Unit for Components Plant.


Major electronics manufacturer Foxconn is gearing up to make a significant investment in India, and it’s great news for the state of Tamil Nadu. On Monday, Foxconn’s subsidiary, Foxconn Industrial Internet (FII), is all set to sign a deal with the Tamil Nadu government. The agreement aims to construct a brand-new facility for electronic components. This exciting development comes straight from a reliable source within the state government, who spoke to news agency Reuters.

The new project is expected to have a positive impact on the job market, generating around 6,000 job opportunities in the region. That’s certainly great news for the local workforce!

The investment is substantial, valued at a whopping $194.45 million. The chosen location for the facility is Kancheepuram district, near the bustling city of Chennai, which serves as the capital of Tamil Nadu.


It’s important to note that this new facility will be separate from Foxconn’s existing sprawling facility in Chennai. At their current site, Foxconn is busy assembling iPhones for tech giant Apple, and they employ more than 35,000 people. This new venture in Kancheepuram district will be an additional boost to the company’s operations in India.

Although Foxconn is yet to officially comment on the matter, the Tamil Nadu government dropped a hint on LinkedIn about a “big announcement.” This signals the state’s strong determination to maintain its position as India’s Electronics Powerhouse.


The news agency Reuters had previously reported on Foxconn’s discussions with the Tamil Nadu government regarding this substantial investment. If all goes according to plan, the new plant should be up and running by the year 2024.

As for the specific products that will be manufactured at the facility, that information remains unclear. It’s yet to be confirmed whether the electronic components produced will be solely for iPhones or for other companies as well, or possibly a mix of both.

Today, we can expect an official announcement from the state government, and Foxconn’s chairman, Young Liu, will be present at the signing ceremony alongside the state’s chief minister. This emphasizes the importance of this venture for both parties involved.

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This expansion of their iPhone factory in Tamil Nadu fits perfectly into Foxconn’s broader strategy of diversifying its operations beyond China. It’s a move that aligns with the company’s vision for growth and innovation in the global electronics market.

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