TCS Supercharges Microsoft Azure Partnership, Empowering 25,000 Associates with Comprehensive Training.


In a resolute commitment to expedite the widespread adoption of groundbreaking technology, TCS has unveiled its ambitious plan to expand its Azure Open AI expertise and provide comprehensive training to a formidable workforce of 25,000 employees.

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Harnessing the immense potential of the Microsoft Cloud platform, TCS is set to introduce its groundbreaking Generative AI Enterprise Adoption product, aimed at empowering customers to embark on their transformative generative AI journey.


Capitalizing on its robust data analytics and AI services hosted on the Microsoft cloud, it has been instrumental in enhancing the AI capabilities of its clients. The company has garnered notable accolades such as Microsoft specializations in AI, machine learning, and analytics on Azure.

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Unveiling its cutting-edge Generative AI Enterprise Adoption product, TCS seamlessly combines its extensive expertise with Azure Open AI service, leveraging a tailor-made transformation framework to empower clients in areas such as customer service, novel business models, and various other critical endeavors.


Siva Ganesan, Head of the Microsoft Business Unit, emphasized the transformative power of generative AI, stating, “Generative AI upends how enterprises can grow revenue, create innovations, and get more work doneā€”it’s a game-changer that has the potential to do all of this faster, better, and more cost-effectively.” Ganesan further expressed confidence in their Generative AI Enterprise Adoption, as it paves the way for joint customers to unlock boundless growth opportunities and embark on an exhilarating journey of innovation.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Kelly Rogan commended AI Enterprise Adoption on Azure Offering, affirming that it equips customers with invaluable insights and resources necessary to harness the full potential of generative AI, thus propelling accelerated innovation and substantial business growth.

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