Tesla Secures Office Space in Pune, Marking Its Entry into India.

Tesla India Motor & Energy Pvt Ltd has taken a big step towards establishing its presence in India by leasing office space at Panchshil Business Park in Pune. This marks Tesla’s first official office setup in the country.

The office space covers an area of 5,850 square feet and is located on the first floor of the building, leased from Tablespace Technologies for a period of five years. The lease agreement includes a lock-in period of 36 months, during which the rent will increase by 5% annually. The lease is set to commence on October 1, with the time until then being utilized for fitting out the office to suit Tesla’s requirements.





The monthly rent for the office space starts at ₹11.65 lakh, which translates to an effective rent of ₹199 per square foot per month. The lease agreement also allows for the possibility of renewal for another five years, providing Tesla with stability for future operations.

Tesla founder, Elon Musk, recently met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and expressed his intention to fine-tune the company’s entry into India. He also revealed plans to invest in a car-making facility in the country.


Tesla’s journey towards entering the Indian market began with the registration of its India arm in Bengaluru early last year. Despite Elon Musk’s earlier expressions of interest in establishing operations in India, progress has been slow. There were reports of potential office spaces in Mumbai’s Lower Parel area and plans for a retail showroom in the city, but nothing has materialized so far.

In addition to setting up physical operations, Musk has been advocating with the Indian government to reduce import duties on electric cars. This move would allow Tesla to import and sell its electric vehicles in India, helping the company gauge its potential success in the Indian market.

While the road to Tesla’s full-fledged entry into India may have taken time, the recent lease of office space in Pune signifies a significant step forward in realizing the company’s presence and operations in the country. With Tesla’s commitment to India, the electric vehicle market is expected to witness a major boost in the coming years.

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