Tomato Prices Set to Soar: Prepare for Rs 300 per Kg


The price of tomatoes, a kitchen staple, is expected to soar to Rs 300 per kilogram soon, as reported by wholesale traders.

Kaushik, a member of the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC), highlighted that vegetable wholesalers are facing significant losses due to a sharp decline in the sale of tomatoes, capsicum, and other seasonal vegetables.

The wholesale prices have surged from Rs 160 to Rs 220 per kilogram, leading to possible increases in retail prices as well.


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Adding to the situation, Mother Dairy’s Safal retail stores started selling tomatoes at an astonishing Rs 259 per kilogram on Wednesday. The continuous pressure prices has been caused by supply disruptions due to heavy rainfall in key producing regions.

Wholesaler Sanjai Bhagat from Azadpur Mandi mentioned that transportation difficulties are caused by landslides and heavy rains in states like Himachal Pradesh. The quality of tomatoes and other vegetables from these regions has also deteriorated.

As the rainfall in Himachal Pradesh has affected crops, prices might even reach Rs 300 per kilogram in the near future, according to the assessments of wholesale traders.

The central government’s intervention through subsidized tomato sales since July 14 initially helped soften retail prices in the national capital, but the prices have surged again due to limited supply.

Anil Malhotra, a member of Azadpur Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC), pointed out that both supply and demand for tomatoes are low, leading to difficulties for vendors. Late exportation of vegetables and declining quality are among the challenges faced by vendors.

According to consumer affairs ministry data, retail prices reached Rs 203 per kilogram, while Mother Dairy’s Safal retail outlets were selling them at Rs 259 per kilogram.

A spokesperson from Mother Dairy explained that the supply has been affected across the country for the past two months due to abnormal weather conditions. The arrival of tomatoes at Azadpur, the main feeder for Delhi, has drastically decreased in the last two days, resulting in a sharp rise in wholesale prices, impacting retail prices as well.

Azadpur Tomato Association President Ashok Kaushik stated that the recent reduction in arrivals is due to crop damage caused by heavy rainfall in growing regions. At Azadpur mandi, Asia’s largest wholesale fruits and vegetables market, wholesale prices on Wednesday were ranging from Rs 170 to Rs 220 per kilogram, depending on the quality.

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