WhatsApp Introduces Screen Sharing in Video Calls.


WhatsApp, the immensely popular messaging and calling app boasting billions of users, has unveiled an exciting new addition to its repertoire. Users can now partake in the novel experience of sharing their phone screen during video calls, a feature set to transform the way interactions occur. This innovative capability allows a host to seamlessly display their screen’s content to others, making it a valuable asset for business meetings and a myriad of other engagements.

The news of this screen-sharing marvel was announced by none other than Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, who took to his Facebook account to share the update. “We’re adding the ability to share your screen during a video call on WhatsApp,” Zuckerberg declared. This revelation positions WhatsApp to potentially challenge the dominance of well-established video calling apps like Google Meet and Zoom, as this enhancement marks a pivotal advancement for group conferencing.


Embracing screen-sharing within its framework, WhatsApp empowers users with newfound collaboration potential. Activities like co-authoring documents, delivering captivating presentations, and offering tech assistance to friends and family are now at users’ fingertips. Imagine effortlessly aiding your parents in configuring their phone settings via WhatsApp’s video call screen-sharing feature. The level of control granted to users over the screen-sharing function mirrors that of other reputable video conferencing applications; they can terminate content sharing at their discretion.

To harness this cutting-edge feature, users can effortlessly tap the ‘Share’ icon during a video call, subsequently opting to share a specific application or their entire screen. WhatsApp’s existing support for video calls with up to 32 participants paves the way for seamless small-scale virtual meetings.

Initially available to beta testers, the screen-sharing option has now commenced its rollout to the wider user base. As with any staggered deployment, it may take a few days before all users gain access to this impressive feature. Notably, WhatsApp’s recent lineup of enhancements also includes significant updates like Chat Lock, an Edit button, HD photo quality upgrade, and more.

The Chat Lock feature, introduced by WhatsApp, provides users with an intuitive safeguard for their most personal conversations. By applying a lock, users can ensure that even if their phone changes hands, the contents of specific chats remain discreet. What’s particularly advantageous is that this new feature also conceals chat content from notifications, bolstering user privacy.

Among the roster of new additions is the Edit button, an invaluable tool granting users a 15-minute window to rectify any errors in messages sent hastily. This thoughtful addition eliminates the need to delete entire messages, allowing for the correction of isolated words or sentences that may have been misconstrued.


In a world evermore reliant on seamless digital communication, WhatsApp’s continuous efforts to elevate user experience fortify its position as a stalwart in the realm of messaging and connectivity. The introduction of screen-sharing is yet another stride toward enabling richer, more interactive conversations for its vast and diverse user base.

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