Wipro Commits $1 Billion Investment in AI Over Next Three Years.


Wipro, a leading global technology company, has announced a substantial investment of $1 billion in artificial intelligence (AI) over the next three years. This strategic move aims to propel Wipro’s AI capabilities and lay a strong foundation for advancements in data analytics, research and development (R&D), cloud computing, and consulting services.

How Wipro is bringing the change in AI?

Despite this significant announcement, shares remained relatively stable in Wednesday’s trading session. The company unveiled Wipro ai360, an end-to-end innovation ecosystem centered around responsible AI. This ecosystem is designed to foster an environment of innovation and collaboration.

The $1 billion investment will be channeled towards augmenting Wipro’s AI expertise, bolstering data analytics capabilities, expanding R&D initiatives, enhancing the FullStride Cloud platform, and developing new consulting services. These initiatives will not only enable the tech giant to adapt to evolving market dynamics but also assist clients in leveraging AI to unlock new value and embrace transformative changes.

In addition to the substantial investment, they are planning to accelerate its engagement with cutting-edge startups through their Ventures. The company will also introduce the GenAI Seed Accelerator program, aimed at providing specialized training and support to GenAI-focused startups, enabling them to become enterprise-ready.

To ensure the successful realization of these objectives, leading tech giant is committed to training all its 250,000 employees on AI fundamentals and responsible AI usage within the next 12 months. The company will continue to provide ongoing, tailored training programs for employees in AI-specific roles.


Wipro ai360, the AI-first innovation ecosystem, will play a pivotal role in integrating AI into various platforms, tools, and solutions used internally and offered to clients. By placing responsible AI practices at the core of its operations, they aim to empower its talented workforce and drive ubiquitous AI adoption across all aspects of its business.

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Thierry Delaporte, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, expressed confidence in the company’s AI-focused future. Delaporte highlighted the potential of generative AI and emphasized that Wipro’s ai360 ecosystem is designed to empower its workforce and be seamlessly integrated into all operations, processes, and client solutions. The tech giant stands ready to embrace the AI-driven future and capitalize on the opportunities it presents.

With this substantial investment and the implementation of responsible AI practices, Wipro is poised to cement its position as a global leader in technology and innovation, delivering cutting-edge solutions to clients while driving growth and staying ahead of industry transformations.

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