Xiaomi Finally Decides To Give More Android Upgrades, Starts With This Phone


Last Updated: September 08, 2023, 09:00 IST

Xiaomi is ready to challenge Samsung and other brands with more OS updates

Xiaomi is ready to challenge Samsung and other brands with more OS updates

Xiaomi has shied away from offering multiple OS updates for its phones but that will be changing with the new models launching.

Xiaomi is ready to increase the number of Android updates it offers and that starts with the new Xiaomi 13T which is launching later this month. The Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro will be unveiled in Berlin on September 26, and these two phones will have the camera tech from Leica which always gets people excited.

And now, the company has assured that the upcoming phones will get 4 Android updates, and 5 security updates. Xiaomi has been extremely lax with its OS updates over the years, and people have complained about old devices losing support midway. But it seems the brand is ready to match the likes of Samsung by extending the software support, also making sure the phones are secure even when the new OS cycle ends.

Previously, Xiaomi announced three OS updates and 4 years of security patches with the Xiaomi 12T series, and now its successor is going one step further. Xiaomi also has the premium 13 Pro and 13 Ultra in the market that could surely benefit from the changing software strategy.

Samsung is already offering extended software support for a wide range of devices, and we are hoping that Xiaomi can add more devices to the new support cycle. Most of these brands offer customised Android UI which can be a challenge to port for as many as 4 Android updates, which pushes their release timelines as well. But with the market surely now focused on privacy and security, it is imperative that companies invest heavily in their software team and setup.

Apple is definitely the benchmark, when it comes to software support, as iPhone users get 5 years of updates, making it possible for them to continue using a 5-year-old iPhone. You can’t say that for an Android phone in most cases, but it is encouraging to see more brands changing their stance towards software and pushing more updates for their devices.

Google is bringing the new Pixel 8 series next month, and rumours say that the company could also increase its software cycle for all Pixel phones that are powered by the in-house Tensor, which starts from the Pixel 6 series.


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